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Why DVR Roofing



DVR Roofing, a top Toronto roofing company, bases our business on trust. We’ll tell you honestly if you need a new roof. But if you only need a repair, we’ll tell you. As expert craftsmen in roofing services, we pay attention to the small details, like keeping your property cleaned and neat, cleaning the gutters, and using top quality roofing materials.

Our progressive approach to roofing business always results in an exceptional roofing experience for our clients and an outstanding finished product.

With DVR Roofing You’re in good hands. DVR Roofing is trusted:

  • By thousands of satisfied homeowners in Toronto and South Ontario
  • For our excellent value
  • Because we are using only the highest quality roofing material: environmentally friendly energy efficient, natural (preferably local), long lasting and low maintenance


We Offer:

  • Honest on-site roof inspection
  • Free estimation of your needs, without trying to sell you extras
  • Emergency repairs


Additional various related services to help eliminate hiring multiple contractors and save your money: such as waterproofing, carpentry, masonry, ice removal, siding, roof maintenance and more.

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With DVR Roofing You’re in good hands. DVR Roofing, the best Toronto roofing contractors, can help you! Get a quote a roofing quote today to estimate your roofing costs!

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