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Slate Roofing Toronto

Slate roofing is the perfect choice for Toronto’s climate. Slate offers unsurpassed longevity among roofing materials; lasting up to 100 years. Slate is naturally water resistant and weather resistant being able to withstand heavy snow, ice and wind and maintain its pure good looks. Slate roofing is also resistant to sun, mold and mildew. Slate is 100% natural and helps keep temperatures in the home stable offering lower energy costs while keeping everyone comfortable inside.

When considering slate roofing Toronto, you will want to turn to a licensed Roofing Company Toronto, such as DVR roofing. The expert roofers Toronto can make sure that your slate roof is installed correctly with the appropriate structural support that is needed for the weight of the slate shingles. A slate roof is often considered an once-in-a-lifetime investment, but is ultimately economical because of its life long wear.  The installation of a slate roof also increases the resale value of your home.

The natural appearance of slate roofing is attractive on nearly any style home.  Slate is available in varying shades of gray, blue, green, purple and red so that you can create your own custom look. Slate roofing is completely fireproof and is durable regardless of its climate. Environmentally conscious homeowners will appreciate the fact that it is inherently longwearing and it can be recycled.  Since it is all natural, it contributes no harm to the environment.

Once you make the decision to go with slate roofing Toronto, contact DVR Roofing. We are experts with the qualifications, licensing and credentials to truthfully assess your needs alongside your budget, and insure that your home has the structural integrity to handle your new roof.  The skilled roofing contractors will confirm that your roof is installed correctly so that it will last a lifetime.

For over 11 years, DVR Roofing has been the leading roofing company in Toronto. The seasoned professionals at DVR Roofing offer full service roofing and related services at exceptional values. Slate roofing is virtually indestructible when installed in the proper way by the experienced and knowledgeable team at DVR Roofing. Although slate roofing requires minimal maintenance, we will explain to you what upkeep is needed to keep your roof looking and functioning at its best. We will also provide you advice the advantages of spare slate shingles so that loose, damaged or missing shingles can be replaced with an exact match quickly and easily.

After your slate roofing is installed, you will have peace of mind that your roof was installed by licensed professionals who will stand behind their product and installation. We will take great care during your installation to keep the rest of your property protected. DVR Roofing will answer all your questions and work to ensure that you are one of our satisfied customers upon the completion of your slate roofing Toronto.

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