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Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing Services in Toronto

A roof is one of the most important elements of a home, whether it is a home you live in or a home you plan to rent or sell on the market. Without a sturdy roof, the interior of the home is not insulated from outside environmental effects and is at risk for damage. If you are a building a new home, remodeling an existing home, or need repair and roofing advice, contact the residential roofing experts at DVR Roofing. For years, we’ve been Toronto’s premier roofing company and can help with a wide variety of residential roofing projects. A strong and stable roof over your head has never been easier to get – contact DVR Roofing for more information about our residential roofing services.

Roofing Materials & Services

Roofing is a specific skill that requires particular contracting knowledge. The team at DVR Roofing is well experienced with residential roofing building and roofing repair of many different sorts. It’s important to trust experts when dealing with the roof of your home. Any livable home has a roof that does not leak, has no cracks, and keep the house protected from weather and other environmental effects. Different roofing materials have different roof building and repair techniques, and our skilled roofers have vast experience on a wide variety of roof materials. Whether you want a flat roof, a shingle roof, a slate roof, or cedar roof, DVR Roofing has you covered. Because there are so many different materials and choice, DVR Roofing aims to work with our customers directly through every step of the process so that our customers are 100% satisfied with their roof when our work is complete. We’ve built a successful residential roofing business at DVR Roofing because we have put both dedicated craftsmanship and excellent customer service as our top priorities.

Roofing Repairs Done Right

At DVR Roofing, we take great pride in having an acute understanding about roof repair and when roof repair is a necessary job. Like all parts of a home, the older a component gets, the more likely that maintenance and possible repair and replacement is necessary. As technologies improve across the board, homes can be continually improved upon with retrofitting, replacement, and re-strengthening so the home can continue to be enjoyed. For years, DVR Roofing has helped advise and execute many residential roofing repairs in the Toronto area. If you need your roof inspected because you think there is a problem, contact DVR Roofing today. A member of our team will answer all of your questions, and we can schedule a consultation so we can come out to check out the property. We want to be your partner in residential roofing repair so you get high quality work and dedicated customer service every time.

For high quality residential roofing services and repairs in Toronto, Ontario, contact the roofing experts at DVR Roofing today at (416) 361-1800!


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