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Whether you are preparing for a major roofing project renovation or minor repairs, you will want to be prepared for your interviews with prospective Markham roofing companies. You will want to begin your process by asking for roofing recommendations in Markham. Word of mouth referrals are a good way to find a high quality roofing company. Other good sources are consumer review websites and professional roofing associations. You will want to compile a list of three potential roofing companies in Markham. Be sure to refer to the Better Business Bureau for any complaints that may have been filed against one of your preliminary choices.

When your Markham roofing prospects arrive, ask questions. The roofing company representative should be prepared to present you with name, address, phone number and professional references for their roofing company in Markham.  Ask them about membership in roofing organizations to which they belong to gauge their degree of professionalism.  The company should readily produce insurance information, licensing and certification; if they don’t, ask for them.

The company should be exceptionally knowledgeable in regard to products and their suitability to your home. The roofing Markham company you choose needs to be able to easily address your concerns about products, safety and property protection procedures. There should be no hesitation in answering any of your questions throughout the interview process.

Among the top Markham roofing companies, you will find DVR Roofing. Boasting 11 years of experience of roofing Markham, DVR Roofing provides a superior level of customer service that is confirmed by numerous client testimonials. The seasoned DVR Roofing Markham team is ready to provide you with that same level of satisfaction and expertise. DVR Roofing is fully licensed, amply insured with up to two million dollars liability coverage and clearance certification by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. DVR Roofing will deliver an honest evaluation of your project needs and explain all the possible material options along with brand names, longevity, color choices, versatility, design, and warranties of the products that we install. The DVR team will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns every step of the way during your roofing Markham project.

DVR Roofing will provide you the roofing job in Markham that you desire. Beginning with the contract, we will provide you all the information that you need including their plan for keeping your property protected and clean throughout the roofing project. We will address with you the safety procedures and use only the best quality products for your roofing installation. After the job is complete, we will completely remove all debris and clean your property to your satisfaction. DVR Roofing also warrants their labor and workmanship with a 10-year labor guarantee after your Markham roofing project. We also have extended warranties available if you so desire. DVR will address any concerns that arise following your project with prompt and courteous service promising your satisfaction in a job well done.

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