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Cedar Roofing Toronto

Cedar roofing is an ideal choice for Toronto. Cedar roofing has been around for centuries, due to the fact that cedar is readily available, hard-wearing and acts as a natural insulator.  As a thermal insulator, cedar will keep you and your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cedar is insect resistant, decay resistant, and durable enough to stand up to hail and powerful storms. Longevity is another key component of cedar roofing; promising long wear of 50 to 60 years if treated with care.  Cedar roofing is also considered environmentally friendly because it can be harvested in a sustainable manner.

Looking for cedar roofing Toronto?  You should look no further than DVR Roofing, one of the most highly rated roofing companies Toronto has.  The expert staff at DVR Roofing is a proven team of professional roofing contractors Toronto, who honestly assess your roofing needs and pass that information on to you.

Cedar roofing is not only a practical solution for your home, but also offers you an aesthetically pleasing roof.  The cedar roof, when installed, is the color of dark honey or light cinnamon and ages to a distinctive silver gray tone. The roof provides a unique and attractive look for your home and harmonizes well with many different architectural home styles. A stylish roofing option, the cedar roof can also add value to your home directly related to its longevity.

As you consider your options for cedar roofing Toronto, call on DVR Roofing. Though the cedar roofing Toronto may seem more expensive during your initial investment due to the high labor cost in Toronto; it may, in fact, be the most economical choice for your home in a long run. The skillful staff at DVR Roofing will help you make an informed decision for your new roof.

DVR Roofing is one of the premier full-service roofing companies in Toronto. With over 11 years of successful cedar roofing installation in Toronto, you can count on the seasoned professionals at DVR Roofing. Cedar roofing is considered as a tough job, but a practiced and knowledgeable team like the DVR Roofing specialists can deliver you a satisfied result. Installed correctly, the cedar will lie flat, stay straight and hold on for a long time. DVR Roofing contractors will explain the process of finishing the cedar roofing in alternate colors if you so desire. Cedar roofing can be finished with stain or paint and is done prior to installation.

Once your cedar roofing is installed in Toronto by DVR Roofing, you can rest assured that we will be there to help you maintain your roof in the years ahead to give you the longest roof life possible. Offering multiple roofing services, DVR Roofing can advise you on maintaining your cedar roof and perform the necessary maintenance and preservation throughout the long life of your new cedar roof.

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